Captain - Federation / Mirror
From: Starter Set (USS Enterprise-D - Crew)
From: Assimilation Target Prime (Captain)
From: USS Enterprise NCC1701-E (Crew)

USS Enterprise-D

Q) Can the effect of Riker's Action trigger multiple times during the same round?

A)No. CGuild: (Captains #4)

Q) Can Riker's attack dice be modified by card and abilities which affect attacks?

A) Riker's action is not considered an attack. It does not benefit from effects that only work on attacks like the USS Reliant or Mr Spock, nor does it make you flip any [cloak] token you may have. AParks:

Q) Can Counter Attack trigger from Riker's ability?

A) Yes. Counter Attack only required damage, not an attack. AParks:

Assimilation Target Prime

Q) When you spend one of Riker’s Tokens to perform the corresponding Action, does that generate a new Token on Riker again?

A) Yes.

Q) Can Riker spend more than 1 token per activation phase, performing multiple free actions each turn?

A) No. This is in line with previous rulings on how these types of cards trigger. e.g. Decker may only be used once per attack. So Riker's "During the activation phase you may spend 1 token" may only be used once per activation phase.