Bajoran: Blockade, I am Kohn-Ma, Militia

Borg: Assimilated Access Codes, Resistance is Futile, We Are The Borg

Dominion: Captured Intelligence, First Strike, Invaluable Advice, Ketracel-White, Unnecessary Bloodshed

Federation: Attack Pattern Delta, Attack Pattern Omega, Cheat Death, Cochrane Deceleration Maneuver, Corbomite Maneuver, Disobey Orders, Engage, Feint, Full Alert, Picard Maneuver, Preemptive Strike, Sacrifice, Self Destruct Sequence, The Needs of the Many

Ferengi: Conditional Surrender

Independent: Diversionary Tactics, Faked Messages, Hijack, I Stab at Thee, Research Mission, Superior Intellect, Tholian Punctuality


Klingon: Defense Condition One, In'cha, Klingon Honour, Once More Unto the Breach, Qapla', Sabotage


Romulan: All Forward Disruptor Banks, Counter Attack, Decoy, Direct Command, Double Back, Invasion Plans, Massacre

Species 8472: The Weak Will Perish

Vulcan: Decisive Action, Diplomacy, Vulcan High Command

Q) If a Captain is disabled for any reason, can his ship still use Elite Talent Upgrades?

A) No. CGuild:   (Talents #1)

Q) If using something like the Reinforcement Sideboard to swap a captain from a ship that has an Elite Talent, does the Elite Talent stay on the ship? Is it useable if the new Captain does not have an Elite Talent icon?

A) The Elite Talent stays on the ship but is not usable unless there is a Captain with an Elite Talent icon aboard. AParks: