Ship - Borg
From: Borg Sphere 4270

Q) Does the Borg Sphere have a forward firing arc for Counter Attack or Romulan captain Valdore?

A) No.

Any ability which indicates the presence of a forward or rear firing arc does not apply to such a ship. For example, a Borg Sphere could not fire most Photon Torpedoes or make use of Counter Attack. Nor could it make use of the Nuclear Warhead or the Ferengi EM Pulse (since it does not have a forward firing arc to direct the ability outside of). This also means that an opposing ship with Captain Valdore would not roll +1 attack die against the Borg Sphere. CGuild: (General #20)

Q) When Borg Sphere 4270 uses its text to fire at two different ships at Range 1, does it receive the +1 bonus against both ships?

A) Yes. This is the case even though the ship is making one attack against two targets. CGuild:   (Ships #7)