Crew - Borg / Federation
From: USS Voyager (Federation)
From: Borg Sphere 4720 (Borg)

Seven of Nine (USS Voyager)

Q) Does the restriction on Seven of Nine's Adaptation Token (that you can only have 1 in play) apply to each player? Or can there only be one Adaptation Token in the game total?

A) Each player may posses 1 Adaptation Token. CGuild:   (Crew #6)

Q) If Seven of Nine is assimilated by the Borg, do her new masters get to use her adapted technology now?

A) Yes. CGuild:   (Crew #7)

Q) Can Seven of Nine use her ability against an opponent's Ablative Generator? If so, how does this work? Can she do this multiple times?

A) Yes and yes: she can do this multiple times. When her ship activates the adapted Token, you must drop your own ship's Shields and de-Cloak, if applicable. Place all received Damage Cards beneath the Adaptation Token Reference Card for easy reference. CGuild:   (Crew #8)