Crew - Romulan
From: PWB Aj'Rmr (Dom War OP3 Prize)

Q) Can two Romulan Pilots be used in the same turn?

A) No. You may not perform two of the same action during the same turn. AParks:

Q) When exactly does the Romulan Pilot's text trigger?

A) It triggers right after Step 5 (Clean Up) of the Activation Phase, before the ship's Perform Action step. CGuild:   (Crew #4)

Q) Is the Romulan Pilot's free Action considered a "Scan Action"? If not, can it be performed in addition to a Scan Action to get 2 Scan Tokens?

A) It is not considered a Scan Action and can be performed in addition to a regular Scan Action. This would allow a ship to have 2 Scan Tokens, each independently affecting enemy ships attacked that round. CGuild:   (Crew #5)

Q) Can Romulan Pilot's Scan be used to reduce the damage of Cloaked Mines?

A) No, it is not considered a Scan Action. CGuild:   (Crew #5)

All "After you move" abilities may be triggered at the same time, and resolve in any order you choose. If you have a card like Martok(8), you may choose to resolve his effect either before or after Romulan Pilot, the movement granted by Romulan Pilot does not stop you from using other "After you move" abilities (as usual though, it does not trigger them either, so you cannot use Martok twice). AParks:

You may not premeasure maneuvers or maneuvering actions besides Sensor Echo. You may premeasure range before committing to an attack or action. AParks: