Captain - Klingon
From: IKS Negh'var (Skill 8, Cost 5)
From: IKS Ch'Tang (Skill 9, Cost 6)

Martok (Negh'var)

Q) If Martok's ship uses an ability that provides an additional maneuver, is this considered an extra move and trigger Martok's ability twice?

A) No. When a Captain or Upgrade refers to a "move," it is only referring to the ship's initial movement for the turn. It does not apply to any bonus maneuvers that the ship might perform during the turn. CGuild: (Captains #5)

The free action Martok gives can be any action that ship or its upgrades can perform. However, it still cannot perform the same action twice in one round. AParks:

Martok (Ch'Tang)

Q) Does Martok's ability allow him to add +1 attack to his own ship, or just his allies' ships?

A) Martok's ability does not affect his own ship. CGuild: (Captains #6)