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Khan Singh (Gencon)

During setup, Khan is placed on the board as a 6 skill captain, and then applies his skill increase after setup is done. AParks:

If Khan Singh's captain skill is reduced by an effect like “Communications Failure” (but he is not disabled) his text restores his captain skill to be equal to that of the highest captain in play. AParks:

When Khan is part of an Away Team, his Captain Skill bonus remains in effect as long as there is a higher skilled Captain in play. AParks:

Q) If each player has a GenKhan on the table and one has Admiral Kirk attached, giving it +2 captain skill, what skill are each of the Khans?

A) The Admiral adjustment occurs before Khan's text modifies his Captain Skill. Therefore, Khan (6) + Admiral Kirk (+2) would be 8 and the other Khan would also modify up to 8. If Picard were on the table as well, all 3 would be Skill 9. Anotehr example: Picard/Kirk would be 11 (9 + 2) and Khan/Kirk would be 8 (6 + 2) and then Khan's ability would match the higher Skill making both 11 Skill. CGuild:

Khan Singh (USS Reliant)

Khan Singh must still pay a faction penalty for himself if he is not placed on an Independent faction ship. Captains are not considered Upgrades. AParks:

Khan Singh eliminates the faction penalty: the 1 point cost increase mentioned in the rulebook for using an off-faction captain or upgrade on a ship. It does not eliminate any other point cost penalties associated with the upgrade (like the +5 for using energy dissipator on a non-breen ship). AParks:

Khan (USS Reliant) does not negate the Faction Penalty for Admiral cards. CGuild: (2)