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This site is intended to be a rules resource for players and tournament organisers so they can easily find information on official rulings and community rules discussion which will hopefully make their lives a little easier.

Star Trek: Attack Wing is a tactical table-top miniatures game using the FlightPath system. Written by Andrew Parks and Christopher Guild and published by WizKids. As with many table-top games of this type there are often rules questions which arise due to the large number of interacting elements within the game.

The main source of the rules discussion which this wiki is based upon takes place at the fantastic Board Game Geek site which can be found here:

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Bajoran - Borg - Dominion - Federation - Ferengi - Independent - Kazon - Klingon - Mirror - Romulan - Species 8472 - Vulcan

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Resource - Ship - Maneuver - Admiral - Captain - Talent - Crew - Tech - Weapon - Borg Tech - Damage Card - Token - Admiral's Orders

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Resistance is Futile: Resist OP1 - Resist OP2 - Resist OP3

The Collective: Borg OP1 - Borg OP2 - Borg OP3

Episodes: Tholian Web - Arena

Dominion War: Dominion War OP1 - Dominion War OP2 - Dominion War OP3 - Dominion War OP4 - Dominion War OP5 - Dominion War OP6

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Chief Engineer - Command Tokens - Counter Attack Die - Elite Attack Die - Federation Attack Squadron - Flagship - Fleet Captains - Full About - Hideki Class Attack Squadron - Officers - Reinforcements Sideboard

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Disable - Discard - Dual-Faction - Pre-measuring - Re-rolling

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