Captain - Dominion
From: 4th Division Battleship

Gelnon's Ability counts as an attack. It can be modified by continuous effects like Donatra, Drex, or Ch'Tang. AParks:

Abilities like Gelnon or Suicide Attack happen in the activation phase, therefore combat phase-only defense dice modifiers (like [cloak] and [evade] tokens) do not apply. AParks:

You get the [battle stations] token even if that battle stations result is later modified by an effect like Drex. AParks:

While Gelnon's ability is considered an "attack" it does not constitute "firing". Using Gelnon's ability will not flip any cloak token you may have to its red side. AParks:

Gelnon's Battle Stations granting effect is instantaneous. You may acquire a token and trigger an ability like Boheeka with it on the same roll. AParks: