Resource - Flagship
From: Dominion War OP4 Participation Prize

General Flagship Rulings

Q) Does the Flagship count as adding it's action icon to the action bar of the ship? For example: would the Romulan/Independent Flagship on a Borg ship allow the Borg queen to perform Battle Stations as a free action?

A) Yes. If the action icon is not already on the ship's action bar, it is added.

The Flagship Resource's points are attached to the ship it is on. If that ship is destroyed, you no longer count the Flagship resource as part of your surviving fleet. AParks:

Independent Flagship Resources make the ship they are attached to dual-factioned. They are considered both factions (without conflict) for all purposes, including effects like Admiral's Orders: United Force. AParks: (dual-faction) AParks: (United Force)

Flagships that provide a Talent slot cannot use their talents if their captain is disabled. Similarly, any Talent related effects like “James T Kirk” also apply to additional talents granted by the Flagship. AParks: (disabled) AParks: (effects)

If a ship has more talents than talent slots (because it's captain beamed away for some reason). You may only activate an appropriate number of talents in a turn based on how many slots there now are. If you have only 1 slot and 3 Talents, only one of them can have any effect during the round. AParks:

Klingon Flagship

Q) When equipping the Klingon Flagship on a ship that does not have a cloak action such as the "I.K.S. Gr'oth", does it also gain the sensor echo action?

A) No. AParks:

Indie + Evade Flagship

To perform the free 2nd action, the ship must have performed it's first action. It cannot be used on a ship that hasn't taken an action this turn or on a ship that took an kind of free action in addition to its regular action this turn. AParks:

Indie + Target Lock Flagship

If the targeted ship performs a green maneuver, it may remove an auxiliary power token even if it's normal maneuver was not green, following the regular movement rules. AParks:

It doesn't matter if the targeted ship has moved or not yet this turn. AParks: (1a)

Q) If a ship moves and collides during a free move (e.g. via Indi Flagship) but then makes it's normal move and does not collide, can it still take actions?

A) No. If the targeted ship makes contact with an obstacle or bumps a ship during an extra maneuver before its regular movement phase, the ship still loses its ability to take actions. AParks: (thumbed)