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From: Starter Set (USS Enterprise-D - Crew)
From: USS Sutherland (Dom War OP4 Prize - Captain)
From: USS Enterprise NCC1701-E (Crew)

Data (USS Enterprise-D (Crew))

Q) Can Data's ship perform an Evasive Maneuvers action before using Data's Action (for example, by using Picard)?

A) No, Data's action cannot be used during the same turn his ship uses the Evasive Maneuvers Action. CGuild:   (Crew #1)

Data (USS Sutherland (Captain))

Data's ability does not directly de-cloak a vessel, it just ensures they will de-cloak at the end of the round. If they were cloaked since the last turn they still cannot be target locked yet. AParks:

Data's ability affects all ships, both friendly and enemy. AParks: