Tech - Romulan
From: IRW Praetus

Q) The attack dice used by Cloaked Mines can be reduced by performing a Scan Action. Does it also count if the Scan is a free action?

A) Yes. Cards like USS Excelsior, Picard or the Flagship resource can all be used to perform a valid Scan Action for Cloaked Mines. As long as a Scan Action is performed, it does not matter if it is free or not. NOTE: Romulan Pilot does not perform a Scan Action, so could not be used for Cloaked Mines. AParks:

Q) If using Janeway to gain two Scan Tokens when a Scan action is performed, is the damage of Cloaked Mines reduced by two?

A) No. The attack die of Cloaked Mines is reduced by performing a Scan action, not by the number of Scan Tokens.

Q) Can minefields be placed on top of each other or overlapping?

A) Minefields may be placed on top of other minefields and/or obstacles. If multiple minefields of the same type overlap, they are considered to be one large minefield and will only hit a ship once if passed through during the activation phase. AParks: AParks:

Q) If Antimatter Mines are dropped on top of the USS Defiant, is it still considered to be "defending," even though it does not roll any defense dice?

A) Yes. However, this is not the case when the Defiant moves into mines (Antimatter or Cloaked) on a later turn. CGuild:   (Ships #4)

If multiple players have cloaked mines, choose if and where to place mines in ascending Captain Skill order (movement phase order). AParks:

When a ship enters their range of effect in the Activation phase, Cloaked and Antimatter Mines deal damage to a ship after its “Perform Actions” step of the movement phase. AParks:

Cloaked and Antimatter mines count as obstacles for firing purposes only. They do not cost your action if you land on them, and their specific damage replaces normal obstacle damage. Being damaged by already placed mines does not count as defending. AParks: (Firing) AParks: (Defending)

You may drop as many of your cloaked mines as desire in the same planning phase, you may even drop multiple Cloaked Mines from the same ship. AParks:

The movement template is a consideration for determining whether a ship “passes within” range 1 of a Cloaked Mine token. AParks:

If two enemy Cloaked Mine areas of effect overlap, you are not considered to have entered the area of effect of a second cloaked mine token until you have completely exited the first. AParks:

When placing Cloaked Mines, only part of the minefield token must be within range 2 of your ship. The rest of the minefield may extend beyond that. AParks: