Talent - Federation
From: USS Enterprise

Q) If a ship is destroyed while its shields are disabled and it is saved with Cheat Death, are the shield tokens removed or do they reactivate at the end of the round?

A) Shields are unaffected by Cheat Death. If you had them, they are still there. The same would be true if you were killed by something that bypassed shields, like a Jem'Hadar Polaron Beam.

Q) After playing Cheat Death, how many Damage Cards should my ship still have?

A) Your ship will have a number of Damage Cards equal to your Hull Value -1. In other words, Cheat Death effectively puts you at 1 hull damage point away from destruction. CGuild:   (Talents #3)

Q) If I play Cheat Death after my ship is instantly destroyed (e.g. Warp Core Breach, Suicide Attack), what happens?

A) In this case you would add Damage Cards one at a time until the number of Damage Cards is equal to your Hull Value -1. All face up Damage Cards would still be flipped face down as per the card's text. CGuild:   (Talents #4)

When your ship is destroyed, you must finishing dealing out all damage cards before activating Cheat Death. If your captain or Talent are disabled by “Injured Captain”, you cannot activate Cheat Death. AParks: