Captain - Klingon
From: Kronos One

Q) If a Captain is disabled by Chang (or a similar effect) and has his or her Captain Skill reduced to "1", does that Captain potentially lose his or her chance to become the next active ship during the Activation Phase?

A) No. That ship is now considered the ship with "the next lowest Captain Skill". CGuild: (Captains #7)

Q) If a Captain is disabled by Chang (or a similar effect), can that Captain's ship spend an Action to remove the Disabled Token? If so, can the Captain immediately use his or her card text?

A) Yes and yes. Note that this is particularly good for Picard (since he can now perform a free Action) but does nothing for Martok (Negh'Var version) since Martok's text can only be used after he moves (i.e. before he takes an Action). CGuild: (Captains #8)

In order to spend the target lock and disable the captain, the ship does not need to be in arc or even in range of the ship it target locked. Note: The target lock must have been acquired while in range. AParks: (thumbed by Andrew)