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Q) If a ship uses Projected Stasis Field against the Borg Cube Token, what happens?

A) The BCT would be unable to attack the ship that used the Projected Stasis Field (and that ship only) that round, and that ship would roll 2 less attack dice when attacking the BCT that round. CGuild:

Q) If a ship hits Borg Cube Token with an Energy Dissipator, what happens?

A) The ship that hit the BCT with the Energy Dissipator would place an EDT on the BCT and then make a 2nd attack against the BCT (per the Energy Dissipator's text). The BCT would not be able to attack that ship (and that ship only) that round, and during the next Activation Phase, the BCT would remove the EDT and then attack normally during the Combat Phase. CGuild:

Q) Can mines (anti-matter, cloaked, warhead, etc) be used in this event?

A) No. CGuild: (thumbed)

Q) Can the Tholian Energy Web upgrade be used in this event?

A) No. CGuild:

Q) Does the USS Defiant's text which turns Crits into Hits work against damage from the BCT?

A) No. The BCT is not classed as an opponent. CGuild:

Q) Is the BCT affected by the rules relating to having Tribble Tokens on board the ship?

A) Yes, however the effects will only apply to attacks made against the ship(s) which applied the tribbles to the BCT. E.g. with 6+ Tokens, the BCT will fire with 1 less dice against ships that 'beamed over' a Tribble Token.

Q) Does the BCT have "Active Shields"? Would the Antiproton Scan work against it?

A) It has no shields, so yes, anti-proton scan would work. CGuild: (thumbed)