Borg Tech - Borg
From: Borg Sphere 4270

Q) Can Assimilation Tubules steal a non-8472 upgrade from an 8472 ship?

A) Yes.

The limitation on Assimilation Tubules is that it cannot steal an 8472 Upgrade; that is an Upgrade (Talent, Crew, Tech, Weapon) which has an 8472 icon. If an 8472 ship had (for example) a Federation upgrade equipped, that could be assimilated.

Q) If a ship is cloaked using a tech upgrade Cloaking Device, and that device is stolen (e.g. via Assimilation Tubules) what happens to the green cloak token?

A) If Cloaking Device is removed from your ship while cloaked, e.g. by using the Reinforcement Sideboard or Assimilation, you do not immediately lose your Cloak, but you do lose the ability to Sensor Echo. AParks:

Q) Can Assimilation Tubules be used to assimilate an upgrade from a friendly ship?

A) Yes.
Assimilation Tubules state "target a ship", not "target an enemy ship". AParks: (thumbed)

Q) Is there any effect from assimilating a card like Varel because she has an additional cost listed on the card?

A) Assimilation tubes can assimilate upgrades that state, "This upgrade costs +X for any vessel other than" or "this upgrade can only be purchased for" the same way as other upgrades (no penalties) because those conditions only apply during squad building at the start of the game. AParks: (thumbed)

Q) Since cards like Li'Nalas, Weyoun and Centurion that protect cards from being discarded also protect cards targeted by an opponent's Assimilation Tubules?

A) No. Assimilation Tubules steals the card, it doesn't discard it. CGuild: (thumbed)