Ships: Assimilation Target Prime, Queen Vessel Prime, Scout 608, Soong, Sphere 4270, Tactical Cube 138

Admirals: Borg Queen

Captains: Borg Queen, Tactical Drone, Third of Five

Talents: Assimilated Access Codes, Resistance is Futile, We Are The Borg

Crew: Bosus, Crosis, Four of Twelve, Forth of Five, Goval, Magnus Hansen, Second of Five, Seven of Nine, Third of Five, Torsus

Tech: Feedback Pulse, Long Range Scan, Self Destruct Sequence, Subspace Beacon, Subspace Distortion

Weapons: Biogenic Charge, Borg Missile, Cutting Beam, Forward Weapons Array, Full Assault, Magnetometric Guided Charge, Multi Kinetic Neutronic Mines, Photon Torpedoes

Borg Tech: Biogenic Charge, Borg Ablative Hull Armor, Borg Alcove, Borg Assimilation Tubules, Borg Shield Matrix, Borg Tractor Beam, Regeneration Sequencers, Scavenged Parts, Transwarp Signal

Q) Can I use Drone Tokens even if the corresponding Captain is disabled?

A) Yes, you may use them for other Upgrade effects, but not for the text on the disabled Captain. CGuild:   (Captains #15)

Q) What happens if a Borg ship's base overlaps another ship base, obstacle, or minefield during the spin part of it's maneuver?

A) For obstacles and minefields, only the Maneuver Template and final position of the Borg ship base matter. So if you spin onto an obstacle / minefield prior to movement, you are not affected. For other ships, this is not considered to be actually bumping a ship (i.e. you don't lose your Action). For practicality sake, the players should move the ship away from the other ship prior to movement, however. CGuild:   (Ships #6)

Q) Are Borg 'backwards' moves a reverse or a 180 spin?

A) The backward moves are standard Full Astern Maneuvers. The Spin Maneuvers are only to the right and to the left. CGuild: