Weapon - Federation
From: Starter Set (Enterprise-D)

Q) Can minefields be placed on top of each other or overlapping?

A) Minefields may be placed on top of other minefields and/or obstacles. If multiple minefields of the same type overlap, they are considered to be on large minefield and will only hit a ship once if passed through during the activation phase. AParks: (overlap) AParks: (one 'hit')

Q) If Antimatter Mines are dropped on top of the USS Defiant, is it still considered to be defending, even though it does not roll any defense dice?

A) Yes. However, this is not the case when the Defiant moves into mines (Antimatter or Cloaked) on a later turn. CGuild:   (Ships #4)

You do not use normal defense against Cloaked and Antimatter Mine attacks. You cannot use defense dice enhancers or evade tokens to mitigate their damage. AParks:

Antimatter Mines are a special type of Attack when dropped directly onto a ship. You cannot spend tokens because it is not a 'normal' attack, but enhancers like Mr Spock, Donatra, Montgomery Scott, or Worf (both Federation and Klingon versions) which simply modify dice numbers/results can apply. AParks: (Spock/tokens) AParks: (various)

Only part of the minefield template must be inside the rear firing arc and within range 1 of the ship which is attacking with Antimatter Mines. The rest of the token may extend beyond that in any direction. AParks: (1) AParks:

When a ship enters their range their range of effect in the activation phase, Cloaked and Antimatter Mines deal damage to a ship after its “Perform Actions” step of the movement phase. AParks:

Cloaked and Antimatter mines count as obstacles for firing purposes only. They do not cost your action if you land on them, and their specific damage replaces normal obstacle damage. AParks: (obstacle)

You cannot drop Antimatter mines directly onto a ship that cannot be attacked due to the effect of Corbomite Maneuver or Alidar Jarok. If the attack from Antimatter mines would be cancelled, you still place the minefield, you just don't roll any attack dice against the cancelling ship. AParks: (cannot attack) AParks: (placed)

If a ship's maneuver template barely touches but does not overlap the minefield, the ship does not take damage. AParks:

Q) If you drop Antimatter Mines on two ships, do you roll one attack for both ships or one attack each? A) One attack each.

Q) Can Interphase Generator be used against Antimatter mines if you run over an already placed minefield?

A) No. AParks: